BCG Administration & Screening - Including Mantoux, IGRA & Scar Check

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Delivery Method: Face-to-face

A BCG vaccination training course for health care professionals who will be providing Tuberculosis (TB) immunisation services combined with an online Tuberculosis short course.  

This BCG vaccination training course is a face-to-face course covering all the elements you will need to start administering the BCG vaccine either privately or on the national schedule to high-risk groups. 

So, who is this course suitable for?

This course is suitable for health care professionals in a variety of settings, whether occupational health or primary care or private clinics. It would be useful for health care professionals who are just doing pre-BCG vaccine screening too, such as BCG scar checks (contact us if you wish to discuss this element in isolation for you or your team). Please note that national guidelines state only a health care professional can perform scar checks and perform BCG administration, not unregistered professions.  

So, what’s included in this practical training course? 

Course content 

  1. A background to what TB is and why it is a relevant public health issue  
  2. Professional and legal guidance around Tuberculosis (TB) and providing screening for vaccination services. Reasons for thorough screening and processes involved  
  3. Screening for deciding eligibility for BCG vaccine and related procedures and equipment:
  4. Scar checking and differential scars (e.g. smallpox)
  5. Tuberculin skin testing (Mantoux testing)
  6. IGRA blood testing (Quantiferon)
  7. BCG vaccination, reconstitution, and intradermal administration techniques 

So, what’s NOT included on this course?

This BCG vaccination training course is centred primarily around vaccination for TB in the primary and private care setting. Whilst there is an overview, it does not include details on clinical TB diagnosis or treatment in acute or secondary care settings.  

Dates and Venues Available

Please enquire if you are wanting to book this course 

Are there any other considerations with this training?

The course will prepare you to perform all the services mentioned. However, like with any practical skill you will need a period of supervised practice afterwards. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you find an experienced supervisor in preparation for commencing your service. 

Dates available on arrangement

Health Academy can also create this course for you on arrangement at your workplace.

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