New to Immunising for HCSWs (2 day virtual course)

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Delivery Method: Virtual

This 2 day New Immunisers virtual training course for Healthcare Support Workers (HCSWs) including Pnuemococcal, Shingles & Vitamin B12 injections has been developed in line with the ‘National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Healthcare Support Workers – PHE.

Virtual course which runs each day from 10.00 – 16.00 (UK)

Includes Adult & Paediatric online courses (£38.00) AND our Anaphylaxis online course (£19.00) ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So who is it suitable for?

All HCSWs administering vaccines should undertake foundation immunisation training as per national guidelines. The course is therefore suitable for any Healthcare Support Workers (HCSWs) who are new to immunising.

So what’s included in this 2 day New to Immunising virtual course?

Firstly, this is an interactive, engaging, and comprehensive virtual 2 day course. We have included all of the Foundation Immunisation Training modules recommended in the National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training (PHE) document.

Foundations of Immunisation – Core Modules 

  • The aims of immunisation, national vaccine policy and schedules
  • The immune response to vaccines and how vaccines work
  • The different types of vaccines, their composition and the indications and contraindications
  • Current issues in immunisation
  • Any changes to vaccine recommendations or national policy
  • Communicating with patients, parents and carers about vaccines
  • Legal issues in immunisation
  • Storage and handling of vaccines
  • Correct administration of vaccines
  • Anaphylaxis and adverse reactions
  • Documentation, record keeping and reporting
  • Strategies for optimising immunisation uptake

Vaccine Preventable Diseases

We have also included comprehensive information for vaccine products for Healthcare Support Workers including:

  • Pneumococcal vaccines
  • Shingles vaccines

In addition Vitamin B12 injections updates are included in this course

Additional Modules 

Adult and paediatric Basic Life support and Anaphylaxis Management are included as additional online courses which you can undertake in your own time.

So what’s NOT included in this Annual Immunisation Update virtual training course?

Our online Flu and Covid vaccine training courses can be purchased as add ons with this course.

Are there any other considerations with immunisation training?

Please also note that Public Health England recommend a period of supervised practice in addition to comprehensive foundations of immunisation training for new immunisers (PHE). Because this course does not include a practical element for immunisation technique, you and your supervisor will need to ensure that you have been assessed as competent in these practical skills before you are able to vaccinate alone. As per Resus Council UK guidelines you should also be practically assessed as competent in Basic Life Support. Health Academy have video assessment options for practical assessment of these skills. 

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