Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 2

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Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 2

Course Aims:

This Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 2 course is aimed at people who want expand their basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel to work with larger spreadsheets and workbooks, create charts and manage tables of data.

Course Pre-requisites:

Students who wish to attend this course must have a basic knowledge of Excel and feel comfortable with creating, saving, editing and formatting spreadsheets, and creating simple formulas and functions.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Manage and enhance large Excel worksheets
  • Create formulas across multiple worksheets
  • Copy formats and values across multiple worksheets
  • Create range names and use range names in formulas
  • Copy and link information across multiple workbooks
  • Represent data graphically using charts
  • Understand the concepts an Excel database and create and modify data tables
  • Sort lists and filter information

Course Content:

Introduction and Objectives

Using Large Excel Worksheets

  • Increasing & decreasing the magnification
  • Splitting the window,
  • Freezing & unfreezing panes

Working with Multiple Worksheets

  • Navigating between and selecting worksheets
  • Renaming worksheets
  • Selecting multiple worksheets
  • Colouring worksheet tabs
  • Copying & moving worksheets
  • Copying and moving data between worksheets
  • Using grouped worksheets
  • Creating formulas across sheets
  • Creating aggregate functions across sheets
  • Referencing cells across sheets
  • Hyperlinking between sheets

Using Paste Special & Flash Fill

  • Working with Paste Special
  • Copying values & formulas between worksheets
  • Performing mathematical operations
  • Creating data sequences using ‘Flash Fill’

Analysing Data Tables

  • Sorting tables
  • Sorting a table by multiple fields
  • Filtering data in a table
  • Creating a custom filter
  • The SUBTOTAL function
  • Using the ‘Quick Analysis button” to add totals to a table

Appendix - Using Graphics in a Workbook (if time)

  • Drawing and formatting ‘Shapes’
  • Inserting SmartArt


Working with Excel Data Tables

  • Creating & modifying a data table
  • Working with the data form
  • Creating an Excel table
  • Using the ‘Quick Analysis button” to create an Excel table
  • Use the Slicer to filter an Excel table

Using Multiple Workbooks

  • Opening, activating & tiling workbooks
  • Copying data between workbooks
  • Linking cells between workbooks
  • Managing and troubleshooting workbook links

Creating Charts

  • Creating, moving, resizing, printing & deleting charts
  • Using built-in chart styles and ‘Quick Layouts’
  • Formatting chart objects & data series
  • Adding & removing chart elements (eg. titles, data labels, legend)
  • Changing the data source
  • Changing chart type and location
  • Filtering chart categories and data series
  • Creating chart templates
  • Using ‘Recommended Charts’
  • Advanced charting
  • Creating a combination chart
  • Using a secondary axis
  • Adding a trendline
  • ‘Sparklines’ (mini charts in a single cell)
  • Using the ‘Quick Analysis button” to create a chart


Action planning

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