3 Step Leadership & Management

M&K Update Ltd
Delivery Method: Blended

Develop skills in managing yourself, your job and managing others.

  • What do you want?
  • Learning objectives
  • Key Learning Points (KLP)
  • What do you value?
  • Transactional analysis
  • Maximising your potential
  • Managing yourself
  • Politics and power
  • Team roles; Leadership; Do you have the time? Essentials of time management
  • Managing your boss; essentials of negotiation; people at work
  • You in the organisation; Impact of organisational culture
  • Communication, motivation and rewards
  • Managing groups and teams; Leadership (barriers and failure)
  • Group, and team behaviour
  • Maximising people’s potential
  • Managing conflict
  • Overcoming barriers to managing people at work
  • You, the job, and the organisation
  • Managing uncertainty
  • Resolving conflicts at work
  • Networking, marketing yourself; Improving your job performance
  • Develop skills in managing yourself, your job and managing others
Managing yourself - participants will have identified
  • Three personal development needs
  • Their team role
  • The key elements of time management
  • Become more confident in seeking development opportunities
Managing others – participants will be able to
  • Identify effective communication techniques to successfully manage people at work
  • Use appropriate behaviours to manage difficult working relationships
  • Reflect on how individual managing styles affect working relationships
Managing the job/organisation - participants will be able to
  • Identify own objectives
  • Identify the use of power and influence
  • Discuss negotiation and conflict at work in order to develop future strategy
  • Reflect on the 3 days in order to develop a plan for improving job performance

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