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Sepsis is a condition which crosses boundaries between specialities and professions and fixing sepsis at an organisational level is complex. The Sepsis Game is designed to help frontline healthcare workers understand and implement best practice standards for recognising and managing sepsis.

We developed the game in partnership with UK Sepsis Trust and NHS England. The game has been enthusiastically received by staff at the frontline and has established a reputation as an effective and enjoyable way to train staff about sepsis management. The game is designed to support the Sepsis Six care bundle and the Survive Sepsis training programme.

“I have used the game as an educational tool on many occasions for training and as a refresher for senior staff and doctors. It really encourages interaction, discussion and competitiveness. Staff are often surprised by things that they think they know, but don't.” Carole Bishop, Nurse Specialist Sepsis, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust.

The box contains everything you need to run a successful session making it highly portable. Just pop it in your bag and use it for team meetings, study days, workshops, lunch meetings and events.

The game is designed for between 4 and 12 players divided into two competing teams. It takes around 45 minutes to play and can be used in any care setting; all you need is a table and some chairs. The rules are very simple and the facilitator doesn’t need sepsis expertise. The game is essentially self-regulating and the facilitator can take a relatively passive role in the game.

Each game contains a pack of scenario cards designed to stimulate discussions that raise awareness and improve care delivery skills around sepsis. The scenario and question cards vary in complexity which allows you to design each game to match the competency levels and needs of the players.

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