Improving Mindfulness - Online Course - CPD Accredited

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Improving Mindfulness - Online Course - CPD Accredited.

Welcome to The Mandatory Training Group's online Improving Mindfulness training course. All our online training courses, programmes and qualifications are accredited by the CPD Certification Service (CPDUK).

Improving mindfulness is about understanding yourself and being “in-the-moment”. Learners will become more mindful of their actions and learn how to express and interpret their present environment. They will create positive connections and increase their self-regulation of attention and personal experiences.

Improving mindfulness will provide benefits throughout your professional and personal lives. Improving mindfulness through gratitude, filtering, and active listening will give your participants the advantage of seeing things in a new light. This Improving Mindfulness course offers learners an increased recognition of mental events in the present moment, which provides countless benefits.

Course content

This online Improving Mindfulness training course includes the following:

Module One: Getting Started
Module Two: What is Mindfulness?
Module Three: Practicing Mindfulness
Module Four: Emotional IQ
Module Five: Cognitive Distortion I
Module Six: Cognitive Distortion II
Module Seven: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
Module Eight: Mindfulness and Gratitude
Module Nine: Cultivating High-Performance Emotions
Module Ten: Mindfulness and Customer Service
Module Eleven: Mindfulness and Leadership
Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Who is the course for?

This online Improving Mindfulness training course is for anyone looking practice mindfulness, live in the present and addresses the dangers of distorted thinking. This helps learners to stay in tune both mentally and emotionally, improving perspectives to enhance personal and professional success. These skills will enhance the learner’s experience, skills and employability opportunities.

Course aims

With our comprehensive online Improving Mindfulness training course, you will begin to identify your patterns of thinking. As you learn to practice mindfulness, you will cultivate positive emotions that will have a dramatic effect on the work environment.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of this online Improving Mindfulness training course are to:

  • Define mindfulness
  • Develop techniques to make oneself more attuned to the present moment
  • Understand the value and utility of one’s emotions
  • Learn how to identify and counter distorted thinking
  • Learn how to cultivate genuine positive emotions
  • Become more fully present in social interactions.

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Improving Mindfulness - Online Training Course - The Mandatory Training Group UK -

Improving Mindfulness - Online Course - CPD Accredited.

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