Childhood Obesity Essentials

College of Contemporary Health
Delivery Method: eLearning

Childhood obesity is an epidemic that is sweeping the globe presenting an urgent and serious challenge. Weight management in children is now of paramount importance.

This 6-hour online short course for professionals is designed to give you core knowledge in this critical health area, including:

  • Contributing factors
  • Consequences
  • Assessment
  • Legal aspects
  • Prevention
  • Intervention

Learn fundamental lessons ‘on the go’ delivered in 6-8 minute podcasts, videos, animations and e-learning presentations.

This comprehensive course on childhood obesity prevention, management and treatment is an essential component in your Childhood Obesity treatment toolkit. Childhood nutrition, psychology and physical activity are key factors throughout the course. Give the best advice, care and support to overweight and obese children and their families.

Enrolling on this course provides 60 day access.


Have your child been measured as part of the National Childhood Measurement Programme? Ask your GP about the changes in children's body mass index (BMI)

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