Care Planning, Record Keeping and Documentation

Ashfield Services
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

What's covered on the day?

The session aims to provide participants with the skills required to plan, deliver and evaluate good levels of personalised care within their own working environments and to understand and maintain the need for good documentation and record keeping. The growing demands of the Care Sector and the amount of cases of negligence is growing. People need to be skilled in the basic aspects of nursing care and record keeping so that lines of effective and production communication are maintained, empowering the care provider to be confident in the environment they work and the care they deliver. Nursing records are written evidence of the delivery and standard of care offered and needs to adequately reflect this should it ever be under scrutiny.


Delegates will be assessed continuously throughout the session by the Tutor in order to be issued with a Certificate of Attendance.

Learning Objectives

  • For the learner to understand the purpose and the principles of Care Planning and value the importance of it as a working tool
  • Be familiar with the principles of Care Planning which they could then apply in practice
  • Identify their own role in this process
  • Be able to utilise a working document in a Care Setting and appreciate the need for clear documentation and record keeping
  • Understand and identify the legislation relating to and impacting on Care Planning & Record Keeping
  • Make sure Record Keeping confirms and complies with requirements from legislation and would be measurable when audited
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