Developing Assertiveness in the Right Way

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Delivery Method: Face-to-face

What's covered on the day?

This session will give delegates the appropriate tools to assert themselves in a wide range of situations at work. They will learn how the proper use of assertive behaviour enables people to deal with work colleagues, clients, suppliers and personal contacts in a way that is productive yet maintains and improves relationships


There is no formal assessment on this course, learners will be expected to take part in group discussions, role play and other learning activities. They will have the opportunity to identify their own styles of communicating, leading and demonstrating assertiveness in certain situations. Delegates will gain a certificate of attendance for this course.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand aggressive, passive, passive aggressive and assertive behaviour and the effects they have
  • Recognise aggressive, passive and passive aggressive behaviour and know how to deal with them
  • Self-Reflection – identify what triggers your reactions and recognise the benefits of assertive behaviour
  • Identify what good communication skills are, what are the benefits and barriers to communication and getting your point across
  • The inner dialogue, recognising how our own thinking can positively or negatively affect the way we react to situations
  • Understand the importance of how body language can impact on behaviours
  • Learn a simple three step process on which you can base all your assertive communication
  • Be able to use a number of proven techniques such as reflecting, fogging and the broken record can be used in assertive communication
  • Learn how to make and refuse requests assertively without impacting poorly on working or personal relationships
  • Action Planning
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