Managing conflict in the workplace - CPD Course

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In this course you will explore causes of conflict in the workplace, the effects that conflict might have on individuals, teams and the organisation, and methods for addressing conflict. Conflict in the workplace occurs between people when attitudes, values, expectations, motives or activities are perceived as being incompatible. You will look at interpersonal conflict and the contributions that you as a manager will need to make to dealing with conflict.

Topics covered:
  • Influence of Conflict Studies
  • Frames of Reference for Conflict
  • Organisational Structure and Conflict
  • Co-ordinating and Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution
What will you gain:

On successfully completing this CPD module you will receive a certificate of completion. You will also receive a transcript outlining the CPD course title and hours undertaken to complete the course, topics covered, the course summary objectives and details of the assessment undertaken.

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