Level 3 in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health

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Two Days (12 Hours) - £185 per person

This course is our most popular and is suitable for anyone who wants a really detailed look into a wide range of mental health conditions within society, and how we can look for signs in our family, friends and colleagues. This is the ideal course for people who have to look after others health and wellbeing in the workplace.

We also look into the First Aid Action Plan in much more detail and how to implement a positive mental health culture in your organisation. We include several videos to assist in learning and have several discussions around difficult topics. We have included many exercises to really delve into our own mental health and how we have been affected by our past experiences.

It is suitable for:

- Anyone who needs to look out for others people's health

- Directors & Management

- Human Resources

- Teachers

- Individuals who need to support others at a supervisor level

- Anyone who wants a really in-depth view of their own and other's mental health

- Anyone who has family or friends with mental health conditions and would like to learn more about how to assist them

This course gives the knowledge to enable learners to:

- Recognise a wide range of mental health conditions. We go in depth in each of them and cover the first aid action plan in detail.

- Begin a conversation with someone in need.This could be work colleagues, employees, family, friends or strangers.

- Signpost to relevant help. We cover the most common signposting options as well as discuss other places that people in need could go.

- Recognise and manage stress, including how stress relates to us and our team. We look at how our past experiences have shaped how we view the world today.

- Understand the impact of substance abuse. We use videos as a learning tool to see how addiction has affected the lives of people and how to see the signs

- Use the first aid action plan for mental health. We practice using it in several scenarios to ensure that delegates are competent in many types of situation.

- Know how to create a positive and supportive mental health culture. How to take what we've learnt back to the business and implement it.

- Learn much more about our own mental health and how past experiences may have changed our own view on the world

- Know about the therapy and support available, including that provided by professional healthcare providers

You will receive a mental health handbook prior to attending.

Following the course you will receive an official certificate accredited by the FAA and Ofqual.

Dates available on arrangement

Whitaker Training - Care & Corporate can also create this course for you on arrangement either at your workplace or at one of their locations.

We offer bespoke training which can be specifically adapted to your organisation - Please contact me and we can discuss the arrangements that you would like. Once your bespoke package has been created we can decide on price and confirm details.
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Colin D (September 2020)
Really enjoyed it George! Well delivered and interesting. Nice to take some time to just stop and consider how we actually are feeling about things at this moment in time. Would highly recommend it!

Thanks again!
Alice Martin (July 2020)
I took the 2-day First Aid for Mental Health Course with Whitaker Training. The material was very interesting and George made the hours fly by! He was very knowledgeable and always happy to reply to any questions. I'd definitely recommend his services to anyone who's looking at doing a Mental Health course!
Galimir S (July 2020)
'I highly recommend WT for First Aid for mental health.
Really good knowledge, and perfectly delivered the information to the applicants'.

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