Safeguarding Adults Level 1&2

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Delivery Method: eLearning

Safeguarding Of Vulnerable Adults (SOVA) is a training programme about protecting vulnerable adults and keeping them safe from harm. It’s about recognising the signs of abuse and knowing what to do. This course covers both levels 1 & 2.

CPD Hours - 1 hour 


  • Learn about what groups of adults might be at risk
  • Understand and work towards compliance with The Mental Capacity Act and other legislations
  • Learn about the different types of abuse that adults might experience and how to effectively deal with it should it occur


This training course is broken down into 3 sections

  1. Safeguarding
  2. What is abuse?
  3. Dealing with Abuse


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David Ivorson (March 2021)
As someone who is not a carer but works with many adults, some of whom may be considered vulnerable, I found this course very helpful in increasing my knowledge of how to act in respect of concerns that sometimes arise. It also reminded me of appropriate ways to support and encourage a sense of personal dignity in others.
Audrey Pantelis (March 2021)
Comprehensive and thorough
Nagehan Okay (March 2021)
it is clear and easy to follow. Short video format and summaries of at the end of each section makes it easier to understand and remember. I have learnt some interesting situations about adult safe guarding.
Helen Adams (March 2021)
I enjoyed the course and felt it was covering all the main issues we deal with.
John Gordon (March 2021)
Enjoyed going back through the core principles of who Safeguarding is truly aimed at. I would ask that if there have been any key updates that these are highlighted whether, they be best practice or, legislative.
Sarah Durley-White (March 2021)
It's not a topic you can really make exciting but it was hard at times to concentrate, although that may have been my environment that I undertook the course in.

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