Asthma Training for Schools & Carers

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Delivery Method: eLearning

This Asthma Training Course offers practical support for anyone who cares for children with asthma. It's ideal for those who work in schools, as well as parents, guardians, youth workers and childminders. It offers comprehensive guidance on how to monitor and manage a child’s asthma while they’re at school.

CPD Hours - 1 hour


  • Learn about the common types of inhalers and treatments for infants, juniors and teens
  • Understand asthma attacks and their triggers and the emergency procedure that needs to be followed
  • Understand what is expected from school management and staff, including what needs to be done with policies, trips, exams, exercise and emotional support


This training course is broken down into 5 sections

  1. What is Asthma?
  2. Triggers and Symptoms of Asthma
  3. Medication
  4. Asthma Attacks
  5. School Responsibilities


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Alison Rogerson (January 2022)
The course had a lot of good information about asthma, somethings I already knew but it was good to go over them again. Course was not too long so I didn’t lose interest and all the points were covered very good course.
Sheila O'Brien (March 2021)
I found the course very interesting easy to follow I also liked that after a few slides you are asked a question,very informative
Amanda Wood (February 2021)
Videos were informative and easy to understand and follow
Barbara Broughton (February 2021)
Excellent course. It was clear and concise, easy to understand. I learnt alot! Thank you
Nicola Bannister (March 2021)
Clearly explained symptoms to be aware of and ways to treat and support a child with asthma at school.

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