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This UK GDPR Essentials Training is essential for anyone who handles personal data. It focuses on the GDPR in the UK and will help employees understand the key elements of data protection and how to comply with regulation. It doesn't matter how big or how small your organisation is, or how much or little data you handle; the GDPR applies to all and negligence can have a devastating impact.

CPD Hours - 0.5 hours 


  • Understand the difference between a Data Controller, Data Processor, and Data Subject
  • Have a clear understanding of the 7 Principles of the GDPR and how they apply to the work you do
  • Understand what the UK GDPR aims to achieve and why it exists


This training course is broken down into 2 sections

  1. Background
  2. The Regulation


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Jude Gilespy (March 2021)
I like to make notes but I found it difficult as it was just a tad to fast for me. Apart from this it was very clear. I would recommend it to others.
Julie Lovell (March 2021)
I like you don’t have to read it all and it is spoken and explained
Sohail Ismail (March 2021)
great informative interactive course!
Viv McMillan (March 2021)
The content is well structured and uses plain English for easy comprehension. The presenter is clear, easy to understand and very professional. This is a great training video. I think there could have been more emphasis on the rights of the data subject that are "absolute" and those that are not - slide 12 mentions not deleting or changing data unless permitted to by a manager "or instructed by the data subject" - that's not always or necessarily the case - even if the data subject instructs deletion/changing personal information it does not necessarily follow that the data will be so altered.
Michael Cassop (March 2021)
The training was informative and not too long. The presenter was clear and the test was easily relatable to the course content.

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