Food Allergy Awareness Training

Health Academy
Delivery Method: eLearning


This Food Allergy Awareness Training is an essential piece of training for those producing, selling or handling food. All staff handling food should have a thorough understanding of allergens and the potential dangers surrounding them.


  • Learn what the 14 major allergens are and understand the seriousness of a reaction to an allergen
  • Understand the PPDS changes (Natasha’s Law)
  • Recognise the dangers of cross-contamination and know how to avoid it happening


This training course is broken down into 3 sections

  1. Food hypersensitivity
  2. Declaring allergens
  3. Managing risk

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Philip Wescott (February 2022)
Thank you, I felt that the course material was delivered clearly and in a format designed to support the learning process most effectively. I thought that providing the learner with the opportunity to return to sections that were less clear and where answers given were incorrect really helped to reinforce the learning once re visited.
Dean Taylor (November 2021)
Found the course content very useful and I learnt a lot of relevant information which will aid me at my work place.
Neville Voysey (November 2021)
A very informative video. If all food outlets followed these rules, nobody would have an allergy.
Barbara Marsh (November 2021)
Excellent training course providing very important information about allergen awareness

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