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About us

Knowledge Oral Health Care are Dental Care Professionals that deliver oral care training to your workplace The training has been developed by experienced dental care professionals that have an interest in gerodontology.

Our aims

The training sessions will raise awareness of the importance of daily mouth care as well as practical advice for those people that are dependent or need assistance in oral care techniques. It will provide carers with the knowledge and ability to plan and deliver daily mouth care within care homes and domiciliary care. It will equip your care home with the tools for being CQC compliant in oral care as well as carers being more confident in delivering oral care.

Who is it for

Our training is bespoke to each care homes requirements and is suitable to all care home types:

  • Residential and dementia care homes for the elderly
  • Nursing Homes with complex oral needs
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Live in care
  • Community based care

Included in the sessions is oral care and dementia (challenging behaviour), palliative/end of life oral care. will provide carers with the knowledge and ability to plan and deliver daily mouth care within care homes and domiciliary care.

Quality Standard (CQC)

We provide In-house training sessions (2hrs) and Train the Trainer courses. All training is aligned to the NICE guidelines and quality standard so you can be confident that your care home receives the training required to satisfy the quality standard measures. To ensure you are fully ‘CQC ready’ Knowledge Oral Health Care can assist with and provide template policies and clinical governance; demonstrating evidence of accurate record keeping and audits.

Providing good oral care for residents can be challenging; time constraints, increased workloads, uncooperative residents and carers lacking knowledge and skills can result in inadequate oral care. In order to safeguard the health and wellbeing of those people that are dependent on others, good daily oral care is crucial. In palliative and end-of-life care it becomes particularly important to ensure the person’s mouth is clean and comfortable.

Featured Reviews

Review of Organisation

Team Leader (March 2021)
found the course very useful and the trainer very knowledgeable, looking forward to commence training oral health within services.

Review of Organisation

Training Manager (March 2021)
The course was well presented, everything was explained very well, suggestions we made were taken on board.

Review of Organisation

Team Leader (March 2021)
I thoroughly enjoyed the session and I am looking forward to gaining confidence in delivering the training to staff within our company.
I had a few connection issues but they were soon resolved.
The trainer, Jane, was confident and clear in the discussion and training she was delivering.
Position: Team Leader

Review of Organisation

SLT (January 2021)
I think the course was very informative- useful to know theory behind dental care in more detail- particularly to help advocate for my patients, was also helpful to obtain tips on how to carry out oral care e.g. stand from back

I think specifically for SLT in hospital setting there was not much practical application i could take from the coure
Things that may have been more helpful to cover for me would have been more on the neurological disorders that was covered quickly at the end- also a massive area now for SLT and mouthcare is the difficulties associated with those patients on CPAP/intubated patients. However i do realize this is quite specific to a hospital setting.

Thank you for putting together the course

Review of Organisation

SLT (January 2021)
This training was very accessible and covered a wide range of issues, from anatomy to practical strategies for achieving good oral health. I found the information about how to support and assist people very useful and Jane showed examples of different products available. This course plugged some gaps in my knowledge that I didn't know I had and has given me more confidence when discussing mouthcare with colleagues in care homes and patients.

Review of Organisation

Manager (December 2020)
Really interesting webinar, learnt loads that we will implement into our home. Jane was really good at explaining everything in a way that we understood.

Review of Organisation

Jane Foxley (December 2020)
Excellent webinar, discussion and follow up with very useful resources. Highly recommend.

Review of Organisation

SLT (Adults) (November 2020)
Really useful, informative and relevant presentation.
Appreciate the flexibility to ask questions and value your answers.
I will continue to recommend you to the care homes and units I visit.

Review of Organisation

Care Manager (November 2020)
Liked the simplicity of the assessments & care plans. The easier it is to understand the easier it will be for staff to implement the care across the homes.

Review of Organisation

Head of Care (April 2018)
" I have know Jane for a few years now, she is friendly, professional and patient with our residents at West Hall. I also had training with her which was really informative and interesting. First class training from a really lovely lady."

Review of Organisation

Reminiscence Co-ordinator (January 2018)
"The training was excellent and we will be advertising in house the role for oral care champion and using your service again in the future to help train them up."

Review of Organisation

Manager (October 2017)
“The QM staff and I loved yesterday’s Oral Health care training! How informative and the Hygienist was a lovely lady! Can you please pass on to her that we got so much out of that! We’ll take those ideas and policy forward into the care plans”

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