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Apprenticeships in Care on the Rise as Government Pledge to Create More...
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2017 – new year, new start!
5 insights from the Third Sector Digital Leaders’ programme
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7 things you need to get right in digital transformation
7 ways to get buy in for your digital strategy
A brief history of phlebotomy
Ableism and The Autism Puzzle Piece – An Autistic's Perspective
About Anaphylaxis
About Anaphylaxis
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An introduction to PEG feeding
Apprenticeship Week eLearning Discount
Are Fundamental Aspects of Nursing Being Forgotten?
Breastfeeding Immunity: Can We Get Britain to Stay Natural for Longer?
Brilliant clinicians need a brilliant support workforce
Can you really use eLearning for the care certificate?
Care Certificate Answers - The Complete (and jargon free) Guide
Care Certificate Implementation Toolkit Launches Today
Challenging Behaviour In Dementia: How to Manage it
Charity Digital Skills Report 2019 - Survey OPEN!
Charity Digital Skills Report 2019 Launched
Charity Digital Skills Report Launched
Christmas Support Hours
Christmas Support Hours 2020
Coronavirus Update - Our Promise to You
COVID-19: One in three charities has cancelled services due to lack of digital skills or tech
CQC in Care Homes: Providers Call for Stronger Regulation
Digital Could Help Health Charities Reach More Patients
Digital Skills Report: Our Partnership With The Charity Learning Consortium
Dignity in care
Domestic Abuse is a Health & Social Care Issue
Empowering Patients
End of Life Care Plan: Where to Start?
England Is Not Breastfeeding Friendly: 5 Countries We Should Take a Leaf From
FAQP Issue a COVID-19 Update For First Aid Trainers
Featured Reviews
Festive eLearning Discount
Finances notes
Financial Planning for Young Adults - Is the Financial Education Children Receive in the UK Enough to Set Them up for Life?
Fire Safety Regulations Since Grenfell: The New Regime
Five Tips for Digital Fundraising
From Play-doh to Plato: Study Finds Teaching Philosophy at Primary School Improves English and Maths Skills
Fundraising with a Crowd
Future You Ambassador Training
Garden Leave 101: A Quick and Easy Guide
Guidelines for use of the Skills Platform logo
Happy Birthday to the Care Certificate
Health Work Experience
Health Work Experience & Mentoring Resources
How can e-learning be better than face-to-face?
How Do You Measure Your Charity's Impact?
How to Change a Life: Embarking on a Career in the Third Sector
How to Fundraise with Social Media - Interview with Ross McCulloch
How to Implement the Care Certificate in Your Organisation
How to make every trust application count
How to rank higher on the Skills Platform - A quick guide
How to Save a Life: Putting First Aid First
How to Stop Ruminating and Accept the Times We are in
How to successfully implement e-Learning into healthcare practices
How Vaccines Work
Improving the care for people with autism and learning disabilities
In Trust we Trust
Influenza Season - A Brief History and Moral Debate
International Children’s Day
Interview with Education for Health
Investigation Skills: A Mindset Beyond Police Work
Is ADHD a Learning Disability? - The Differences and Co-Occurrences
Is eLearning a Viable Options for NHS Staff?
Is Your Training Apprenticeship Ready? - Key Questions Answered
Is Your Training Apprenticeship Ready? Q&A Webinar Recording
It’s the most wonderful time of the year
Keeping your care home healthy this winter - Part 1
Keeping your care home healthy this winter - Part 2
Key Trends from the Charity Digital Skills Report 2018
Launch: The Care & Support West Training Hub
Lessons from healthcare e-Learners
Let’s Get Digital: The Skills You Need to Get Ahead
Literacy and Numeracy Resources
Looking after yourself
Maintaining nutrition and hydration in care homes
Mandatory Training For Healthcare Professionals
Manual Handling Regulations: The Complete Employer's Guide
Marketing to a Digital World
Mastering Management: Life After a Promotion
Mental Health Days - Rarely Taken, Desperately Needed
Mind the IT Gap
Mouth Care Matters: Are you CQC Ready?
Nevermind the CV, Employers are More Interested in Minding Your P’s and Q’s
New guidance released on CSTF mandatory training during Covid-19
New guidelines for epilepsy care in the community
New Immunisations and Vaccinations Refresher course from Skills For Health
New Oral Health mandatory questions added to Effective: Key Lines of Enquiry
Not Such a Blue Monday
Nurses and Midwives Revalidation Rule Changes
Nursing Recruitment and Retention: On The Brink, A Skillset Too Far For Britain's Nurses?
One Year of the Care Certificate: What We've Learned
Person Centred Care Meaning & Implications
Planning Your Safeguarding Policies and Procedures: Key Legislation
Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
Primary Care eLearning
RCNi Lists on the Skills Platform
Receiving the ‘flu vaccination – your duty or your choice?
Recognising and dealing with challenging behaviour
Residents in care homes 'missing out on dental care'
Saving the Children: Safeguarding Young People in the Modern World
Sepsis Nursing Diagnosis: The Critical Signs
Sepsis Nursing Interventions in a New Age of Technology
Six questions you should always ask when negotiating
Skills Effect
Skills for (Your) Health
Skills for Health Completes Purchase of Last Minute Learning
Skills for Health eLearning Courses
Skills for Health Primary Care eLearning
Skills Platform FAQ
Skills Platform Guest Blogging Guidelines
Skills Platform Providers: Making the Most of the Platform
Skills Platform Summer Special: 10% Discount on eLearning
Skills Platform Summer Special: Up to 25% Discount
Skills Platform Top 7 - Brilliant Support Workers, Charity Digital and Mental Health
Skills Platform Top 7 - Nominate Your Hero, Ambulance Research and Just What is Digital Strategy Anyway?
Skills Platform Update: What's New For Providers?
Solus Email Campaigns
Spotlight on General Practice Nursing: Identifying key training priorities
Supporting people with early onset dementia
Teenage Mental Health: Let's Not Go Backwards
The 2018 Charity Digital Skills Report
The balancing act: staying healthy in a demanding caring role
The Care Certificate Implementation Toolkit
The Care Certificate Workbook Downloads
The challenges of keeping up-to-date
The Charity Digital Toolkit Launches Today!
The Charity Social Media Toolkit PDF Download
The Employers Guide to Taking On a Healthcare Apprentice
The Future Of Social Advertising for Charities - HINT It's Video!
The impact of GDPR on the healthcare sector
The importance of empathy
The Skills You Want vs The Skills Employers Need in 2021
The story behind The Charity Digital Skills Report
The Ultimate Guide to Phlebotomy Training
The West Yorkshire & Harrogate Excellence Centre Network
The X number of keys to successfully selling on the Skills Platform
The Year of the Social Charities
Time to Place your Vote!
Top 7 - Charity Social Toolkit, Apprenticeship Levy & The #MissingType
Trust Issues: Don’t be a CV Pinocchio
Turning over a new leaf: Why you should be embracing new skills this Autumn
Vaccine Hesitancy: The Political Strain of (and on) Healthcare
What Are the Eight Principles of the Data Protection Act?
What Is an 'Appointed Person'? - A Quick and Easy Guide
What is COSHH?
What Is Digital Transformation Anyway?
What is DoLS
What is Information Governance & Why Does it Matter?
What is Information Governance?
What is Prevent Duty? The Role You Play in Counter-Extremism
What is the CSTF? - The Acronym You Should Look Out For
Why providers need to be ready to deliver the Health Apprenticeships
Why Results Day Doesn’t Have to be Judgement Day
Why You Should Consider eLearning for your Healthcare Practice [Infographic]
Workforce Development Fund 2019-20
World Cancer Day 2019
WorldHost 2020: Empowering Staff to Keep Customers Safe and Happy Beyond COVID-19